Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

When the hot climate becomes intolerable, one would think of the air conditioner as a way to cool off and stay away from the sweltering heat. Air conditioning helps in maintaining the temperature of the indoor air at a cool temperature.

Basically it modifies the condition of the air. lg dual inverter ac 1 ton In other words, it is an appliance used to stabilize the temperature and the humidity of the air. An air conditioner works similarly to the refrigeration cycle. A refrigerator cools the smaller area to preserve the food but an air conditioner cools the entire area (one or more room) at the same time.

The mechanism includes the compressor, condenser and an evaporator. It is also designed in two forms such as split system and package system. In a split system compressor, the condenser is placed outside where as the evaporator is placed inside the room.

In the package system, all the components are placed outside the room. The evaporator used helps in circulating the air. Air conditioners also use a chemical which has the tendency to convert liquid to gas and gas to liquid.

Air conditioners that are used in controlling the temperature are of many types and it varies in sizes too. Most commonly a smaller unit is used in the residential areas and a larger unit is used in the commercial and industrial sectors. An air conditioner can be distinguished with the use of the air systems such as conventional air system and high velocity air system.

Many people consider the high velocity air system as comfortable as it maintains the temperature in the room and at the same time less in price.

A point of difference

A home air conditioning system can make a vast difference in the day to day activities of a person. Instead of starting a day restless, it helps the person to start the day in peace. For instance, in a Houston theatre, after the installation of air conditioner, it has seen major increase in the number of people visiting the theater. I’m sure, you wouldn’t want to catch a movie or theatre show without air conditioning.

Obviously, it proved to be a beneficial one in the modern world. When a machine has a tendency to change a person mood, who would want to miss it? An air conditioner is also designed in an eco friendly environment. It is designed in a way that it wont harm the ozone layer.

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